The Open Door

Greenway Ministries, Inc

123 Open Door School Road
Alapaha, GA  31622

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​​ The Open Door Mission began in the heart of Mrs. Molly Brogdon in the late 1960s.  She had been traveling as a foreign missionary for years and sensed the calling of God to begin a home mission work near her family farm in Alapaha, GA.  Being obedient to this divine call, without money, land, or a sponsoring organization, Mrs. Molly exercised her simple, child-like faith, and began to pray.  And God began to answer!  From her prayers of faith, property was donated, a school was built, and shortly thereafter, a church building, several small homes, and storage trailers, were donated and moved to their current location.

     Over the years, The Open Door Christian School educated and influenced the lives of hundreds of young people.  The small church faithfully served the people of The Open Door A.C.E. and the Alapaha community for many years.  The donated housing was originally used to accommodate retiring missionaries and those on deputation.  As years went by, the facilities adapted to include those going through difficult times and those seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord.

     Kenny first became aware of The Open Door (TOD) as a young teenager.  His parents, and other family members, financially supported the ministry and prayed for those under its care.  Several even spent time on the grounds, taking opportunities to seek the Lord.

     As part of his testimony, Kenny admits that he lived at a “homeless shelter” after he got saved at 36 years of age.  The Open Door was that place!  He came to realize its importance as a spiritual refuge, a place where a newborn Christian could seek the Lord while receiving a firm Biblical foundation for an amazing Christian Life.

     Over the years, the Greenways continued to support The Open Door with prayers and financial gifts.  They often held revival meetings and teaching sessions for the residents.  Without even realizing it, Mrs. Molly had instilled her love for others and the work God had called her to do in their hearts as well.  Just 18 years after his original visit to The Open Door, Mrs. Molly willed the property and its ministry to Deborah and Kenny.

     After surveying the property, they discovered that Mrs. Molly’s debilitating physical condition during the last several years of her life had left TOD without supervision and routine maintenance.  Therefore, The Open Door needs extensive repair and renovation.  Several individuals, groups and churches have completed a wide range of repairs and renovations over the past year and we are extremely grateful to those who have donated time, finances, and materials for this work.

     We believe God will continue to provide for The Open Door, as He has in the past, and that He will continue to work in the lives of those who visit and stay on the grounds.  We praise Him for His eternal faithfulness to us.